Letters to the editor

Climate change

According to Michael Graham, everything is fine. There’s no climate crisis, and we have only “blue skies” in our fossil-fueled future (“Graham: Separating facts from climate-change fear mongering,”  9/12).

Tell that to the people who died in 116-degree heat in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year. Tell it to the millions of people who rely on the Colorado River for their water. The river is at its lowest levels ever recorded. Tell it to the firefighters battling some of the largest wildfires the West has ever experienced, the smoke from which is in the skies over Boston.

Tell it to the people of North Carolina whose homes were destroyed by Tropical Depression Fred and the people in Louisiana who lost everything they had in Hurricane Ida. Tell the people in New York and New Jersey who drowned in basement apartments when the streets flooded last month. Tell the father in Tennessee whose twin babies were swept away in a torrent.

Tell all the people around the globe that the record levels of heat, drought, flooding and wildfire are nothing to worry about. Tell them that the recent United Nations report on climate change is “good news”?


Mr. Graham must own a lot of stock in oil companies. This is climate denial at its worst.

— Frederick Hewett

Warming a hot topic

I don’t know whether Michael Graham has any children, but if he does, just think about what they may be saying to him sooner rather than later (“Separating facts from climate-change fear-mongering”). Dad, did you really think that the California wildfires were just ordinary events? What about flooding up and down the Mississippi? How about record temperatures in the Arctic? And ice melting in Greenland and Antarctica? Did you even know about the thawing of the permafrost in Canada and Siberia? And why did you quote the long-discredited climate change denier Bjorn Lomborg? Don’t you care about leaving us a habitable world to live in?

— Larry Rosenberg, Cambridge

Afghanistan exit

President Biden is a usually affable politician with a megawatt smile, but his friendly spirit frequently camouflages a closed, unyielding, obstinate and intellectually arrogant mind. With respect to the Afghanistan withdrawal, he was totally inadequate, totally opinionated and totally certain of his own rectitude, the approach, interestingly, that he criticized in his predecessor. His cronies on the national security team — Blinken at State, Sullivan at the NSC, Austin at Defense and Milley at the JCS — apparently did not serve as policy architects with the president but appeared, man-for-man, unwavering in their support for the boss’s mistakes. In a word, Biden was his own Rasputin. His belief that the calamitous withdrawal was a great triumph is an advertisement for Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power of Positive Thinking,” but is really a vain shadow, a will-o’-the-wisp hope that only a few in the effete media will support. The truth is that Biden authored a humiliating surrender to Taliban terrorists who will impose a tyrannical government in Afghanistan, one that will threaten America for the foreseeable future. One rarely gets a do-over in the school of hard knocks, especially in Joe Biden’s classroom where the spineless and self-absorbed are taught.

— Paul Bloustein, Cincinnati, Ohio

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